How it works?


Dial the access number from your existing BT, Cable or even a Pay Phone corresponding to the destination you wish to dial.


Enter the full international number upon connection to our service where you will hear – "Please enter the number you wish to dial". We will connect your call to your destination.


             E.g. For France you would dial 0033 xxx xxxx

Your call will be charged to you via your BT or Cable at the appropriate rate for that access number. i.e. Dialling 0844 731 1004 from a BT landline will cost just 4p/min.
It's that simple!!
* It is advisable, that if you are using a non BT line to make calls then do check with your service provider as to how much you will be charged for dialling any of our TeleBangladesh access numbers.

Just 2 simple steps to get connected...


Dial the relevant access number for the country/ destination  you wish to call.


Once you are connected you will hear a voice prompt, now dial the international telephone number in full (including 00).

For example to make a call to France: 0844 898 1003

<wait for connection> 0033 123 456789


Rates are based on BT charges

Prices are in pence per minute including VAT



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